Monday, July 28, 2014

I am in the mood for a rant.

Various rants about various things.

The world is fucked but then again when have people not said it has been fucked over the past couple of decades! Israel should be put up for war crimes. The war in Syria is a massacre and I am also sure that there is many more wars going on that are not even being reported on. I am glad that there is free Palestine marches going around the country and I will be joining one or two or them in the near future but unless the Americans stop supporting Israel and see HAMAS as this big army that counteract Israel which to me is nearly impossible then this slaughter of mostly innocent people will continue. It just disturbs me that is is actually happening and none of the big countries are doing anything to stop it.

Regulations in Formula One. Ahhhh fuuuccckkk yes there was a great Hungarian Grand Prix last Sunday and Daniel Riccardio showed why he will be a future world champion but for the fact that Mercedes are allowing Rosberg and Hamilton to race each other the season would be pretty dull. The regulation that basically freezes engine development for the whole year put any of the Renault and the Ferrari powered cars at a severe disadvantage since they knew from the beginning it did not have the pace to compete with the Mercedes powered cars has made qualifying a big bore for the most part as you pretty much know who is going to be pole. Races thankfully have been good for the most part as the battle for the podiums and at times Mercedes fragility have made things a little interesting. The other gripe is economy saving. The cars have a limit of 100kg per race and on a couple of circuits it is very dicey and on the limit. I hate this rule, I know that F1 is meant to be on the cutting edge of technology and that going green and saving the planet is top of the agenda at the moment but I though racing is meant to be going flat out going wheel to wheel every single lap! Where did that go?It will get worse with throwing rules in that will make sense in a commercial or safety aspect but not in a racing sense whatsoever.

As some of you may know I have a podcast now run with my friend Anthony called Between the Line and so far without any promotion we have an average of 50-100 listeners per podcast which is great and we now have to get the name out there please spread the word. I think it can go a long way fingers crossed!!

That was not a rant, that was self-publicity!!Last rant has to go to people who listen to anything got to do with the current music scene. I suppose it has passed me by but when has the last time there has been a movement of some description. It seems to be most music these days has a producer in the studio, hit the auto tune button, presses a default button raises the noise spouts some lyrics (in American rap for example it is always the combination of much money they have, how much drugs they have taken and how much sex they have had with girls) Sounds good right! There have been some great rap artists (N.W.A., Public Enemy), Dance (The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Pete Tong) and so on... today it is rubbish noise most of it. Pop music is so generic as well it is not funny. Just so fucking tedious my ears bleed (well not really but you get the point!) There is hope, there are some good bands about from the Waterford scene (Kodakid, Solar Taxi, O Emperor) If you really want the good music form today it is there it is just harder to find not the generic crap they play on the radio.

Ranting is over for now Ill have my predictions for the new Premiership season up soon. So lots to talk about there so talk soon. Please agree or disagree to this and have some lively debates about it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why I love the World Cup!

So as I write this, the World Cup in Brazil starts tomorrow (June the 12th) and fever pitch has hit yours truly. If you are trying to explain to someone why this competition is the centre of the universe and they pull a face of disdain at you, they just do not understand really! Ha!Ha!

Why do I love it. I think even with the massive changes in football over the last 20 years the World cup for the most part has maintained its massive mystique and also every match that you watch and that is pretty much every match you can you want that bit of magic that will be etched in your memory forever (Bergkamp's goal against Argentina in 98 springs immediately to mind), controversy,( Zidane getting sent off in the World Cup final in 2006, his last ever game), joy to the nation,( Most of all the three world cup campaigns Ireland have been involved in) and also picking a favourite team if your nation is not in it like this year in this writers case. I always have a soft spot for the Dutch even though I turned against them after that shocking display in the World Cup Final in 2010. Karma collected them in the Euros two years later so they are back onside with me. Also I'll be cheering on the Japanese as well. Loved the way they played in the Confederations cup last year and I think they will win many friends in this tournament.

Other memories I have include Roger Milla for Cameroon in the 90 world cup and any time I played footy in primary school afterwards I would always try and do the goal celebration with a little wiggle in the corner flag! Robert Baggio almost single handedly dragging Italy to the final in 1994 and then missing the penalty in shoot out to hand the tournament to Brazil. Ronaldo's shocking day in the final in 1998 after having a seizure, being out of the side and then eventually played but never had a look in as the French destroyed the Brazilians in the final. Ronaldo's redemption by scoring the goals to win Brazil the world cup in 2002 against Germany in the final. Fabio Cannavaro cementing his status as an Italian legend with an amazing tournament in 2006 and the Spanish winning the World Cup deservedly four years later in South Africa.

I think England will get knocked out of the group stage unless Roy Hodgson decides to go bold. A lot of people are going for a Brazil vs Argentina final although I still think Spain will be there or there abouts and I think the French are a good dark horse alongside Chile if anyone is fancying an each way bet.

It will hopefully be a better World Cup than 2010 and I think there is enough quality teams for that to make it happen. Why do I love the World cup? Hopefully the next month will answer that question. Also the return of Apres Match as well as the last time we see Bill O'Herilhy presenting both moments to saviour. Hope everyone enjoys the tournament. I surely hope so.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So what went wrong with Moyes?

Or this should be called what did anything go right in David Moyes' reign as Manchester United. One thing is for sure the old United tradition of keeping trust in managers and giving them a chance to build their own squad is now gone. Manchester United is now a business and if there are not immediate results on the pitch than the fans, the board and the shareholders will call for a change as soon as possible. It is a commercial venture so Manchester United are basically like every other big club these days a commercial entity, any manager that lasts two years from now on at United will be doing well.

So was it the right choice to sack Moyes then? I thought that at least he should have been given the summer transfer window to try and bring in players to improve the team which badly needs rebuilding. Alex Ferguson did not do David Moyes any favours by leaving the team he did for him. There was questions at the end of last season about how good this Manchester United team really was as they won a very poor premiership and got knocked out handily enough in the champions league. It was a testament to Sir Alex with the team he did have that United did win the premiership last season as Moyes with the same team this season are 23 points adrift of Liverpool so how and where did it all go wrong?

The players have to take some responsibility for it. No matter if they hated the game management of Moyes as rumoured but at least show some fight if they are losing in matches and far too often there was not. Some players in certain games simply gave up which was never a United mantra. Moyes at times as well never made changes in games as if he was afraid to take a chance which definitely had an affect on the players no doubt. A combination of the two definitely affected them in the bigger games and that was why they were handily beaten in so many of those matches.

United botched the transfer window last summer for sure and Ed Woodward, the man who replaced David Gill does have to take some responsibility for this as well as he was the person who was in charge of trying to seal some deals and it did not happen. In the end Mauroine Fellaini was signed on transfer deadline day a couple of weeks after United could have had him cheaper a few weeks earlier. Juan Mata was signed in January and he will settle in to the team by the time the new season starts but that was difficult to expect him to make an immediate impact. It was a mess and did nit help Moyes at all.

Bottom line is Moyes lost the support of the players and the Glazers made the decision that they did not trust him with the money that they even realise that needs to be spent to bring United back to the forefront of the English game again. It was not a footballing decision, it was a commercial decision.

What now for Moyes? I think maybe a stint at a European club to learn new methods of coaching might be not a bad idea. For United Carlo Ancelotti would be the ideal situation but if he wins either La Liga or the Champions League you can see him being at Madrid for at least another season. Van Gaal has the track record and will probably be the next boss but with his reputation of being very erratic could put off the Glazers of employing him. Either way it could be someone else but it is going to be a very interesting summer for United and will be a fascinating watch.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh Nancy! and respecting the business.

Well this is about pro wrestling. My first blog about it. Yes I am thirty one years old but pro wrestling gives me the escapism I need for entertainment and also the fact that I love the art of pro wrestling when it is done right its the best feeling in the world. That is what I felt after watching the Hall of Fame Speeches especially Jake the Snakes and the Warriors. The Mania show itself which was easily the best Mania since 24 in my opinion. Who was not shocked after taker losing the streak or genuinely ecstatic after Daniel Bryan's title win. The Raw was feel good as well until the shocking news the following day that Jim Hellwing, the Ultimate Warrior passed away aged 54. After a momentous weekend, it kind of sucked the airway a little bit and what made it worse was the utter shambles of an interview Nancy Grace did with Diamond Dallas Page about Warriors death days after the event.

It was not Page's fault, he was there thinking he was going to give a good eulogy for Warrior's death instead lazy reporting and Journalism took over with the beat of a drum from good old Nancy and did not care about the good aspects of Warrior and respecting his memory. All she gave a damn about was the sensationalist report that another wrestler died so yeas here we go again!Drugs! Maybe the steroids he took did have an affect on him in later life but why speculate on that? That she did not care about Warrior's wife and children while producing this shambolic report is also a disgrace.I bet that there was no drugs or drink in his system when he died. We will see when toxicology reports come out (by the time this comes out everyone will find out) The inaccuracies about the drug deaths are staggering. On that list that she showed a lot of those did not die because of steroids especially Joey Marella who was a referee who died tragically in a car crash and of course Owen Hart who died tragically when a stunt went wrong in a PPV show in the Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Nancy and her researchers did a fantastic job there didn't they?

Also the doctor stating the obvious. What was the point there?Duh!!!

It was cheap and sensational and there was a Nancy Out campaign on Twitter but I cannot see anything happen as she is a media darling and very powerful by all accounts. I just wish the media can once not make a lazy distinction between steroids and wrestlers cliches, go through all the usual bullshit they do and actually respect wrestlers and the wrestling industry for once? It probably won't happen in our lifetime but Warrior you were one of my childhood heroes and were inspirational to many once you left the squared circle and my thoughts and prayers go to your wife and two daughters. Nancy Grace should be ashamed for herself. I let you judge whether you are a wrestling fan or not if you think this was right or wrong so to speak.

Also the blog will be regular doing the summer during the World Cup. Looking forward to it. Congrats to Bubba Watson on the Masters two in three years is an amazing achievement. should be a great few years coming for him. Blog on F1 next few days. Till next time.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new years The review of 2013.

It was a great year of sport but then again I am going to say that every year to the day that I die. Here are the highlights and lowlights which got people fascinated in 2013.

Team of the year- New Zealand Rugby Team To go all the year unbeaten with a little bit of luck on the way The All Blacks were dominant from start to finish in this calendar year and with fans and pundits pretty much agreeing that this could be the greatest rugby team the world has ever seen, we shall wait and see what this team can produce from 2014 and onwards. It will be fascinating to watch.

Honourable mentions: The British and Irish Lions for producing an amazing series against Australia, Bayern Munich for dominating German and European football and then somehow halfway through this season under Pep Guardiola being even better than they were last season. Clare Hurling team for providing everyone with thrills in what was widely regarded as one of the best Hurling Championships Ever and Red Bull F1 Racing Team for dominating the sport for the fourth successive season.

Match of the year- All Ireland Hurling Final 8th September 2013 Clare 0-25 Cork 3-16
The two games between these two counties were absolute drama from start to finish but at a toss of a coin I would have to go for the first effort between the two. The weather was good, the championship was one of the best ever and the final lived up to what all that it had preceded. Clare should have won it the first time around but eventually they did get their day in the sun in the replay. Fantastic stuff and hopefully next year can provide the thrill and spills that this year did.

Honourable Mentions: Dublin's victory over Kerry in the All Ireland Football Semi, The Lions 23-21 win in the first test against Australia and because of the madcap finish, Watford beating Leicester in the semi-finals of the championship play-off. If you do not remember the ending here it is for a reminder.

Shock of the Year: Oscar Pistorius arrest, The poster boy of the Paralympics had everything going for him good looks, great girlfriend, admiration from his home nation South Africa until the early hours of February 14 2013 when he shot girlfriend Reeva Stenkamp through hos locked bathroom door killing Stenkamp immediately. Pistorius has always claimed that he thought it was a burglar coming into his house and he shot in self-defense when infact it was his girlfriend he allegedly mistakenly shot. His trial is set to start on the 3rd of March next year. Whatever happens now,  bladerunner has had a remarkable fall from grace.

Honourable Mentions: Alex Ferguson's retirement although looking at it now it was well timed and also the question has to be asked how much power does he still wield at the club. It is certainly not doing David Moyes and favours that is for sure. Lance Armstrong even though it was not that much of a shock, he still admitted to all the doping and the breakdown of how he did it to avoid getting caught was more shocking than the revelation itself. Micheal Schumachers accident and as I type this he is till in critical condition after having two operations. Get well soon Schumi.

Documentary of the year: Keane-Vieira This documentary which was aired on ITV4 was meant to give insight of the rivalry between Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira when they were playing for Manchester United and Arsenal respectively. It did give us great insight into that rivalry but what was more impressive was Keane's honesty and personal admittances in the documentary which gave the viewer the chance to see personals side which we rarely get to see and whomever watched it probably respected at least Keane more after watching it than they might have before. Keane's admission he should have played at the World Cup was startling and it all brought flashbacks to what might have been in the World Cup in 2002. I still would have picked Denis Irwin instead of Ashley Cole in that combined 11 though. Come on Pat!

Sportsperson of the year: Plenty of candidates for this one Anyone from the New Zealand rugby team deserve a mention especially Kieran Reed who was their stand out player. Zlatan Ibrahimovic for scoring outstanding goals and generally being Zlatan, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray for bringing mens tennis to new heights in 2013. The four majors winners in golf deserve a mention Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Phil Mickelson and Jason Dufner alongside Henrik Stenson who topped both money lists this year which was an incredible achievement, Chris Froome for his Tour De France victory, Cristiano Ronaldo for overtaking Lionel Messi as being the best player in the world this year, Shane O'Donnell for that incredible performance in the All Ireland Hurling final replay, Sebastian Vettel for dominating the Formula One season in style winning the last nine races in a row is an amazing achievement by anyone standards and still only 26 which is scary, but the winner has to be an Irishman, Rob Heffernan take a bow son after missing out on a medal at the Olympics the previous year, Rob responded with character and at Moscow won the 50k walk and a gold medal for Ireland. The Corkman deserves his spot as the number one guy this year.

For 2014: My hopes are  The Premiership race to be just as exciting the second half of the season as it did the first and for Arsenal to win it of course!Still think Man. City will win it though. For Ireland on the back of the New Zealand to show the same commitment and heart going into the six nations and to try and win it from the outset. We now know what we are capable of and that should be a springboard for the six nations.

Finally I wish everyone a Happy new Year and see everyone in 2014!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A fantastic weekend of Sport!

The title says it all. A fantastic weekend of sport including the return of the Premiership, the top two clash in the Bundesliga, A huge domestic fight in Britain, the return of Manny Pacquaio and if you are into it the Ashes and the last of the Autumn internationals are also taking place in the Rugby. Here is what is on the box this weekend with predictions.

Everton Vs Liverpool (BT Sport 1 12.45 KO)
Everton's recent run in the Merseyside derby is dreadful and Liverpool have made a great start to the season. Roberto Martinez has mad a decent start to his Everton career and he will look at this as a platform for the rest of the season. I fancy that Everton could give Liverpool a really good game here and might nick the victory especially if they can neutralize the service to Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge and also get the service to their own star striker Romalu Lukakau. A narrow home win.

Prediction: Everton 1 Liverpool 0

Arsenal Vs Southampton (Setanta Sports 1 3.00 KO)
Arsenal will want to bounce back from their disappointing defeat to Manchester United last time out and I think they will although it will be difficult against a Southampton side who are third place in the premiership on merit. Problem is for Southampton away from home especially they have struggled to score goals and that is why I think the might come undone here. Also Theo Walcott and possibly Lukas Poldolski will be back for this game which will be a boost for the Gunners. Another narrow home win.

Prediction: Arsenal 1 Southampton 0

West Ham Vs. Chelsea ( Sky Sports 1 5.30 KO)
West Ham are badly struggling and Jose Mourinho is under fire a little bit for the way he has handled some of his players and also some of the results Chelsea have accumulated this season. West Ham are badly missing Andy Carroll and seem to be lost mainly in what they are trying to do and have been mainly terrible at home. Chelsea should have too much for them but I have been wrong about them before in this blog. Will go for them here though.

Prediction: West Ham 1 Chelsea 2

Man. City vs. Tottenham (Sky Sports 1 1.30 KO)
City have been Jekyll and Hyde this season mainly away from home truthfully. One thing they do not struggle to do is score goals in Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo they have a very potent partnership up front. Spurs this season have struggled to score goals from open play when they have been in the front foot and questions have been asked as to why Jermain Defoe or Eric Lamela have not been given more chances in the first team at the expense of Roberto Soldado who has struggled since he joined the North London club at the start of the season. This game will suit them ore but I see City who are still invincible at home to have too much for Spurs.

Prediction: Man. City 2 Spurs 0

Cardiff Vs Manchester United (Sky Sports 1 4.00 KO)
Man. Utd. have found a way to win under David Moyes. They rely heavily on their two wingers and two strikers to get the goals and be very compact and tight behind them while pressing. This worked very well against Arsenal. Cardiff after their win against Swansea will be in a better place than they were before the Swans game and also should give United problems going forward. I do still see United winning although Robin Van Persie might be out which will be a blow. A tight away win.

Prediction. Cardiff 1 Man Utd. 2

West Brom Vs. Aston Villa (Sky Sports 8.00 KO)
A midlands derby of sorts which is very important for both teams. West Brom were rightly aggrieved with the poor penalty decision against Chelsea which cost them two points.Villa have been hit and miss but are better than they were last season. I fancy West Brom to win this and by a couple of goals as they generally do well at the Hawthorns when they are on a run. Home Win.

Prediction: West Brom 3 Aston Villa 1.

Quick Predictions for the rest of the games.
Fulham 2 Swansea 2
Hull 2 Palace 0
Newcastle 3 Norwich 1
Stoke 1 Sunderland 1

Which leaves us then with the big two in the Bundesliga!
Borussia Dortmund Vs Bayern Munich (BT Sports 1 5.30 KO)
Fantastic that this is on and I think this will be a barn burner sorry for the cliche. I do have Munich as slight favourites but this is really hard to predict. Dortmund have serious problems as they have none of their first choice defenders while Munich have Bastian Schweinsteiger (ankle), Claudio Pizarro (thigh), Xherdan Shaqiri (thigh) and Holger Badstuber (knee) on the sidelines. Whatever is left of Munich's attack though should fancy going after the depleted Dortmund;s defence and are favourites to nick an away victory.

Result: Dortmund 1 Munich 2

Carl Froch Vs. George Groves (Sky Box Office Fight approx 10.15 p.m.)
George Groves has given a good account of himself in the thrash talking before the fight but he will he cause a shock on the night? I think Froch will win out because his experience and his jab will counter Groves' power shots and his constant movement which he will try and employ like he did against James DeGale which was Groves biggest fight to date. Froch will eventually find his target and wear Groves Down.

Prediction:Froch by UD 12.

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Brandon Rios (
Even though Rios and his camp have talked up his chances in this fight the centre of attention as always has been on Manny Pacquiao. Does he have enough hunger left and does he have enough in the tank to counter the speed and aggression Rios does have. Rios lost a rematch to Mike Alvarado last time out while Manny was famously knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth bout together.
"The fight should be pretty even for about the first six rounds. Pacquiao should be able to win early as Rios settles in. Then the underdog should settle in and start using that power to level things out heading into the second half of the bout.
From there, Pacquiao's big-fight experience should prove vital. He knows how to pace himself to go the distance while Rios is going to use a lot of energy looking for the knockout. Pac-Man should take advantage of that to score a late KO of his own." (Reference: Daniels, Tim Bleacher Report, 20th November 2013).

Prediction Pacquiao by KO 11

Ireland Vs New Zealand (RTE 2 2.00 KO)
Ireland at the moment are in a cross roads so to speak. Difficult decisions need to be made now to benefit the team for later on. Some players are on the last legs including Brian O' Driscoll, Gordon Darcy and Paul O' Connell but also the problem is where are the replacements for these three legends. The other problem is the modern game has passed Ireland by a little bit especially in our forward line. We have players like Sean O'Brien and Cian Healy who are great especially at the breakdown but are not particularly mobile and you have England for an example who have those same type of players but who are also skilled ball carriers who can make huge yards just by running with the ball and help their back line get the ball in more advanced areas. Courtney Lawes, Tom Wood and the captain Chris Robshaw being prime examples. And Ireland's opponents on Sunday who by far and away are the best examples of this with players like Owen Franks, player of the year Kieran Read and longtime captain Richie McCaw.Ireland will no doubt put up more of a fight than they did against Australia but expect the All Blacks to run rampant especially in the second half it won't be pretty.

Prediction: Ireland 9 New Zealand 50

An amazing weekend ahead and I will leave you with the Zlatan and Ronaldo show from during the week in the World Cup Play Offs. To next time.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Premiership Weekend Preview

Apologies for not posting up positions 11-20 in my mid term review of the Premiership. I will do review of those teams on a future date. After the exciting international break and the layout of who is going to the world cup and the talk of potential winners has already started. Club football returns this weekend hurrah! After Noel King shooting himself in the foot in the post match interview after Ireland's win over Kazakhstan and Roy Hodgson's joke about monkeys which gave the P.R. brigade another chance to spout off the weekend is here and It cannot come soon enough. Also fingers crossed for Iceland in the play offs next month. What an achievement just to get there.

So for the matched this weekend.

Newcastle vs Liverpool (BT Sports Ko 12.45 p.m.)

This will be an intriguing affair. Liverpool riding on a crest of a wave at the moment and Newcastle have been very Jekyll and Hyde. If Suarez and Sturridge click like they have so far in their short run partnership surely they will be too good for Newcastle but if Newcastle can produce a performance like they did against Cardiff last time out and if Remy and Ben Arfa are firing Newcastle can be a threat but I think Liverpool will have to much for them here.

Prediction Newcastle 1 Liverpool 2

Man. Utd. vs. Southampton (Setanta Sports 1 Ko 3.00 p.m.)
If Man. Utd. are serious about about doing anything in the league this season then they have to start winning  and performing consistently which they have done yet under David Moyes and Southampton and they way they have started their season will be no easy touch. I expect Southampton to give United a really tough game and will not be surprised if they get a result at Old Trafford.

Prediction: Man. Utd. 1 Southampton 1

Arsenal vs. Norwich (Ko 3.00 p.m.)
What Arsenal were really good at when they were in their pomp were dismissing inferior sides especially at home and if they are to be serious about the title they need to dismiss Norwich and teams like them in similar ilk if they are going to have a tilt at the title. Norwich have very poor away form and if they can't stifle Arsenal early on and stop them getting into their natural rhythm then their is only going to be one winner.

Prediction: Arsenal 3 Norwich 1

Chelsea vs Cardiff  (3.00 p.m.)
Chelsea were lucky to win against Norwich last time out but they should be thankful that they are playing a Cardiff side that are in turmoil behind the scenes at the moment. Whatever has happened behind the scenes there is now disharmony between the Cardiff chairman and manager and you get the sense that if you were a betting man than Malky Mackay will be the next one to get the chop. I expect Chelsea to win comfortably here.

Prediction: Chelsea 3 Cardiff 0

Everton vs. Hull (3.00 p.m.)
Hull have been impressive so far this season and Steve Bruce has done an excellent job as manager. Everton lost their unbeaten record last time out against Man. City and want to get back to winning ways as on as possible. Hull will Everton a difficult time but with Lukaku being in the Everton side he can always make a difference and I think he will be difference between the two sides here. Home win.

Everton 2 Hull 0.

Stoke vs West Brom (3.00 p.m.)
Stoke are playing good football under Mark Hughes but are struggling to score goals. West Brom after a shaky start are putting results together again. I fancy that this could be a prime contender for a draw if anyone is backing it.

Stoke 1 West Brom 1.

Swansea vs. Sunderland. (3.00 p.m.)
Gus Poyet's first game in charge for Sunderland is not an easy one against a Swansea side who have been a bit inconsistent probably due to the Sunday-Thursday axis of playing in the Europa League. They though should be too good for Sunderland here who will be trying to find their feet under Poyet.

Swansea 2 Sunderland 0

West Ham vs. Man. City. (Sky Sports 1 K.O. 5.30 p.m.)
West Ham had a terrific result against Spurs last time out and that was without playing any strikers. At home they might get caught out with that system though as they will be expected to be on the front foot a bit more and leaving themselves vulnerable to counter attack. Kompany is out for City again but they should cope without him for this fixture. Away win although I said that for the Cardiff and Villa games and was wrong there. Surely that won't repeat itself here and don't expect it do so.

West Ham 1 Man. City 2

Aston Villa vs Tottenham  (Sky Sports 1 K.O. 4 p.m.)
Villa can be really good once teams are actually on the front foot against them but are not so good when they are on the front foot. Spurs will be looking to recover from their shock home defeat against West Ham last time out and they should have too much quality from them but they need to start scoring more from open play which for some reason they have struggled to do on a regular basis. Still going for an away win on this one.

Aston Villa 1 Tottenham 2

Two other managers who are in the sack race , Martin Jol and Ian Holloway really need a win to keep of the pressure for at least this week. Palace probably bought too many players in the summer and are struggling to integrate them all in while Fulham have some very gifted technical players but at the same time would not run their socks off for the team so to speak. A very high score draw I reckon for this one which neither manager really needs or wants at this stage of the season.

Fulham 2 Crystal Palace 2

And Finally a tribute to one of the greatest Irish players of all time, Ignore some of the spelling mistakes in the links though. Very annoying indeed. Till next time.