Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So one of several worst kept secrets that is going to happen this summer has now happened. The special one has returned to Chelsea and pretty much everyone has an opinion on it. 

Every Chelsea fan seems to be ecstatic that he is back but I'm not sure if everyone else is just yet. The real question is can he take Chelsea back to the promised land second time around.

Questions that have to be asked is how his relationship with Abramovich is going to work second time around? The signings of Ballack and Shevchencko and also the appointment of Avram Grant to work with Mourinho started the falling out love process between the two and also the failure to play like Barcelona probably did not help either and the results on the pitch started to reflect that and eventually ended his tenure under a cloud. He is expected to work with technical director Michael Elmano and we all know how much of a control freak Mourinho is as related to the Grant case and his early power struggle in Madrid in removing Jorge Valdano and gaining total control of the club affairs on and off the field in the process a move which eventually backfired as with all the off the field controversies that surrounded his tenure along with failure to deliver the champions league he was never truly loved by the higher brass in his own words.

Has the magic gone as well? He struggled to dethrone Barcelona although by the end he was consistently getting results against them but seven trophies to three during that period sums it all up and also failure to win the champions league it would be deemed that it was somewhat a failure and the first major failure of Mourinhos tenure.

He is going back to a club that loves him and with all the questions that I have raised above if will be interesting if the remarriage is more successful than the first and with all the unknowns going into the new season the premiership could be there for the taking and also the desire to win the champions league which he did not do first time with Chelsea will determine his fate.

One more thing who will he bring in and will he also keep the golden oldies that are left that served him well the first time? It will be an interesting tale to follow and the first press conference next Monday will kick it all off.