Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So what went wrong with Moyes?

Or this should be called what did anything go right in David Moyes' reign as Manchester United. One thing is for sure the old United tradition of keeping trust in managers and giving them a chance to build their own squad is now gone. Manchester United is now a business and if there are not immediate results on the pitch than the fans, the board and the shareholders will call for a change as soon as possible. It is a commercial venture so Manchester United are basically like every other big club these days a commercial entity, any manager that lasts two years from now on at United will be doing well.

So was it the right choice to sack Moyes then? I thought that at least he should have been given the summer transfer window to try and bring in players to improve the team which badly needs rebuilding. Alex Ferguson did not do David Moyes any favours by leaving the team he did for him. There was questions at the end of last season about how good this Manchester United team really was as they won a very poor premiership and got knocked out handily enough in the champions league. It was a testament to Sir Alex with the team he did have that United did win the premiership last season as Moyes with the same team this season are 23 points adrift of Liverpool so how and where did it all go wrong?

The players have to take some responsibility for it. No matter if they hated the game management of Moyes as rumoured but at least show some fight if they are losing in matches and far too often there was not. Some players in certain games simply gave up which was never a United mantra. Moyes at times as well never made changes in games as if he was afraid to take a chance which definitely had an affect on the players no doubt. A combination of the two definitely affected them in the bigger games and that was why they were handily beaten in so many of those matches.

United botched the transfer window last summer for sure and Ed Woodward, the man who replaced David Gill does have to take some responsibility for this as well as he was the person who was in charge of trying to seal some deals and it did not happen. In the end Mauroine Fellaini was signed on transfer deadline day a couple of weeks after United could have had him cheaper a few weeks earlier. Juan Mata was signed in January and he will settle in to the team by the time the new season starts but that was difficult to expect him to make an immediate impact. It was a mess and did nit help Moyes at all.

Bottom line is Moyes lost the support of the players and the Glazers made the decision that they did not trust him with the money that they even realise that needs to be spent to bring United back to the forefront of the English game again. It was not a footballing decision, it was a commercial decision.

What now for Moyes? I think maybe a stint at a European club to learn new methods of coaching might be not a bad idea. For United Carlo Ancelotti would be the ideal situation but if he wins either La Liga or the Champions League you can see him being at Madrid for at least another season. Van Gaal has the track record and will probably be the next boss but with his reputation of being very erratic could put off the Glazers of employing him. Either way it could be someone else but it is going to be a very interesting summer for United and will be a fascinating watch.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh Nancy! and respecting the business.

Well this is about pro wrestling. My first blog about it. Yes I am thirty one years old but pro wrestling gives me the escapism I need for entertainment and also the fact that I love the art of pro wrestling when it is done right its the best feeling in the world. That is what I felt after watching the Hall of Fame Speeches especially Jake the Snakes and the Warriors. The Mania show itself which was easily the best Mania since 24 in my opinion. Who was not shocked after taker losing the streak or genuinely ecstatic after Daniel Bryan's title win. The Raw was feel good as well until the shocking news the following day that Jim Hellwing, the Ultimate Warrior passed away aged 54. After a momentous weekend, it kind of sucked the airway a little bit and what made it worse was the utter shambles of an interview Nancy Grace did with Diamond Dallas Page about Warriors death days after the event.

It was not Page's fault, he was there thinking he was going to give a good eulogy for Warrior's death instead lazy reporting and Journalism took over with the beat of a drum from good old Nancy and did not care about the good aspects of Warrior and respecting his memory. All she gave a damn about was the sensationalist report that another wrestler died so yeas here we go again!Drugs! Maybe the steroids he took did have an affect on him in later life but why speculate on that? That she did not care about Warrior's wife and children while producing this shambolic report is also a disgrace.I bet that there was no drugs or drink in his system when he died. We will see when toxicology reports come out (by the time this comes out everyone will find out) The inaccuracies about the drug deaths are staggering. On that list that she showed a lot of those did not die because of steroids especially Joey Marella who was a referee who died tragically in a car crash and of course Owen Hart who died tragically when a stunt went wrong in a PPV show in the Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Nancy and her researchers did a fantastic job there didn't they?

Also the doctor stating the obvious. What was the point there?Duh!!!

It was cheap and sensational and there was a Nancy Out campaign on Twitter but I cannot see anything happen as she is a media darling and very powerful by all accounts. I just wish the media can once not make a lazy distinction between steroids and wrestlers cliches, go through all the usual bullshit they do and actually respect wrestlers and the wrestling industry for once? It probably won't happen in our lifetime but Warrior you were one of my childhood heroes and were inspirational to many once you left the squared circle and my thoughts and prayers go to your wife and two daughters. Nancy Grace should be ashamed for herself. I let you judge whether you are a wrestling fan or not if you think this was right or wrong so to speak.

Also the blog will be regular doing the summer during the World Cup. Looking forward to it. Congrats to Bubba Watson on the Masters two in three years is an amazing achievement. should be a great few years coming for him. Blog on F1 next few days. Till next time.