Saturday, April 20, 2013

 The PFA announced this week the players who are up for the best player in the PL this season. Here is the list and also others who deserve a mention fort heir contributions this season.

Michael Carrick - Manchester United.
A surprising choice for me. Never been a huge fan of Carrick,. I just think he never contributed enough in the bigger games but certainly this season his contributions has been more noticeable and has been nearly an ever present in the side this season. He has been more able to dictate games and his range of passing has at times been excellent. He is entering the prime in his career now and has finally after a number of seasons has made the central midfield birth his own which is a credit to his character and the central midfield birth will be his for many years to come as long as he stats fit and healthy. Probably won't win the award but even getting nominated is an achievement in itself for Carrick and rightfully should be proud of it.

Gareth Bale - Tottenham
My favorite to win it. He has been outstanding all season and his goalscroing exploits, 17 in the premiership alone to this date and the fact that he has showed the ability to win games on his own for Spurs suggests that this season under Andre Villas-Boas he has flourished under his tutelage and that he can dictate where he goes from here. If Spurs do not finish in the top four  expect a huge money move to a big European Giant for him. If Spurs do stay in the top four I expect him to stay and Spurs to move onwards and upwards next season with their biggest asset in tow.

Eden Hazard- Chelsea
One of the big money moves of last summer, Hazard came in with loads of fanfare some of it created by himself and created a fantastic initial impression playing alongside Juan Mata and Oscar in a attacking three man midfield which at times was breathtaking. After Roberto Di Matteo got sacked and Rafa Benitez came in Hazards and Chelsea momentum suddenly slowed and we only saw flashes of Hazards brilliance but it is still there and expect whomever takes over next summer whether it will be Jose Mourinho, Manuel Pellegrini or someone else that Hazard and the next candidate on the list that Chelsea can flourish again and also achieve some stability. Just don't mention ball boy gate.

Juan Mata- Chelsea
One of my favorite players in the Premiership, Mata even when Chelsea has struggled this season has always stood out and the fact that he has having his best season goalscoring wise (18 in all competitions) and lead the assists statistics in the Premiership (10) suggests he is having his best season yet and the fact that he is still only 24 means that the best is yet to come from him and can be a force for Chelsea and Spain for years to come.

Luis Suarez- Liverpool
Having an amazing season(29 in all competitions for the Pool) and the fact that this season has been mainly controversy free Suarez has flourished as the main man on Merseyside this season and the variety of goals this season has been absolutely amazing. The best thing about Suarez for me is the way he can jinx past defenders and create space for himself to get a shot or pass off. He is the best in doing that in the Premership( and with the exception of Lionel Messi world football as well). If Suarez can stay grounded he can get even better and Liverpool will do very well to keep him. ill think he will stay one more season to see if they can get into the Champions League but probably not beyond that if they do not. Definitely one player that can be described as a fans favourite that is for sure.

Robin Van Persie- Manchester United
His move to Man. Utd. must have sent shudders down the spine to their title rivals and his addition as mainly predicted has been one of the major differences as to why Man Utd. are so far ahead of anyone else this season. in his prime and mainly injury free his contribution especially in the first half of the season for the Red Devils was hugely impressive and set Uniteds season rolling on both fronts. Second half he has cooled off a little bit but still maintained a presence as United ran away in the premiership and were unlucky to be knocked out in the Champions League. One of the favourites to win it.

Order I think it will come in.
1. Gareth Bale
2. Luis Suarez
3. Robin Van Persie

Other who deserve a mention
Michu- Swansea. Definitely bargain of the season Michu even though his all round play is average, his finishing ability is breathtaking and hell will move to a bigger club if nit next season definitely the season after and Swansea will make a huge profit for him. Be interesting to see if he can replicate this seasons form wherever he may be next season.

Santi Carzola- Arsenal
In what has been a barren season for Arsenal Carzola has shone like a beacon. Blessed with excellent technical ability and also his eye for a pass and having his best goalscoring season yet Carzola will be one to watch for next season as he enters his second season in the premiership.

Christian Benteke- Aston Villa
If Villa are going to stay up this season then they have a lot to thank this man for. His goals would have nearly single handily keep Villa up if indeed they are staying up. His physical presence and deft touch around the goal have been nothing short of superb and if Villa do go down there will be no shortage of takers for him. Nominated for Young player of the year alongside Hazard and Bale.

If there are any other players that you think should be included please comment and also who do you think deserves player of the year. Fascinating debates ahead!