Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chelsea's woes

So Di Matteo has been sacked as Chelsea boss and has been replaced by Rafa Benitez on an interim basis for the rest of the season so hands up who was shocked by this? Seriously who is shocked by this. Amazing that after a few bad results Chelsea got rid off him. A guy who after taken over from Andre Villa Boas guided Chelsea to an F.A. Cup and most importantly a Champions League a trophy Roman Abramovich has craved since he took over the club nearly ten years ago and also now appointed a man who more than likely is going to do the same thing Di Matteo did when he first took over and make Chelsea a functional side rather than a side that is easy on the eye and trying to play like Barcelona.

If Roman wanted Pep Guardiola and everyone new that Guardiola was not going to shift his position on moving back into work until next season at the earliest then why get rid of Di Matteo? Sure he was on a poor run of results but Chelsea did not turn into a bad side overnight, they still had a slim chance of making into the knockout stages of the Champions league and third in the league. Chelsea's owner once again has showed short sightedness which will eventually damage the club in the long run I feel. A question is well I ask is if he keeps going through managers and paying them compensation £90 million and counting will that count in the Uefa fair play rules?

Its fascinating to see how Benitez does for the rest of the term with this side and if he is allowed to spend some money in January. One theory doing the rounds is that he was the man that got the best out of Torres and he can work the magic with him again at Chelsea. I think Torres is a lost cause who needs a change of scenery to save his career at this stage but I wish Rafa good luck either way on his new project. He has nothing to lose and wont be damaged by whatever reign he is allowed to have at the London blues. As for Pep? My prediction is he will end up at City and will leave egg in Chelsea's face.

I fear for the future for Chelsea but it will be interesting to watch whether they succeed or implode. It will be interesting to watch that is for sure.

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  1. You're fears were realised this morning when West Ham came from behind to win 3-1. Rafa could be having a very short stay at the bridge.