Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tribute to Sir Alex

I am going to post this in bullet points just to do this in a different way

•Trophies 38
•A lot of credit does go to the board of United at the time for keeping faith with SAF and thanks to a Mark Robins goal in the FA Cup the start of the Ferguson era well and truly begun
•One of his truly great charteristics was to build and rebuild teams time and time again and somehow never compromise his chances of winning trophies in a particular season
•His investment in youth especially in the golden era in the mid 90s was second to none. Whoever does take over is in a good spot where that is concerned with the likes of De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Rafeal and Welbeck for example.
•His philosophy of no one is bigger than the club is what I think mainly along with his amazing ability to adopt to the current times in the football is what I think made him the best of our generation and possibly of all time.People in this bracket include Jaap Stam, Roy Keane, David Beckham and more recently Wayne Rooney
•Last but not least his incredible desire still to this day as if he only starting is unparalleled and deserves an enormous amount credit for it.

Enjoy your retirement Sir Alex. With whoever takes over they have to be in the mindset that they have to put their own stamp on things which is easier said then done.

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