Monday, July 28, 2014

I am in the mood for a rant.

Various rants about various things.

The world is fucked but then again when have people not said it has been fucked over the past couple of decades! Israel should be put up for war crimes. The war in Syria is a massacre and I am also sure that there is many more wars going on that are not even being reported on. I am glad that there is free Palestine marches going around the country and I will be joining one or two or them in the near future but unless the Americans stop supporting Israel and see HAMAS as this big army that counteract Israel which to me is nearly impossible then this slaughter of mostly innocent people will continue. It just disturbs me that is is actually happening and none of the big countries are doing anything to stop it.

Regulations in Formula One. Ahhhh fuuuccckkk yes there was a great Hungarian Grand Prix last Sunday and Daniel Riccardio showed why he will be a future world champion but for the fact that Mercedes are allowing Rosberg and Hamilton to race each other the season would be pretty dull. The regulation that basically freezes engine development for the whole year put any of the Renault and the Ferrari powered cars at a severe disadvantage since they knew from the beginning it did not have the pace to compete with the Mercedes powered cars has made qualifying a big bore for the most part as you pretty much know who is going to be pole. Races thankfully have been good for the most part as the battle for the podiums and at times Mercedes fragility have made things a little interesting. The other gripe is economy saving. The cars have a limit of 100kg per race and on a couple of circuits it is very dicey and on the limit. I hate this rule, I know that F1 is meant to be on the cutting edge of technology and that going green and saving the planet is top of the agenda at the moment but I though racing is meant to be going flat out going wheel to wheel every single lap! Where did that go?It will get worse with throwing rules in that will make sense in a commercial or safety aspect but not in a racing sense whatsoever.

As some of you may know I have a podcast now run with my friend Anthony called Between the Line and so far without any promotion we have an average of 50-100 listeners per podcast which is great and we now have to get the name out there please spread the word. I think it can go a long way fingers crossed!!

That was not a rant, that was self-publicity!!Last rant has to go to people who listen to anything got to do with the current music scene. I suppose it has passed me by but when has the last time there has been a movement of some description. It seems to be most music these days has a producer in the studio, hit the auto tune button, presses a default button raises the noise spouts some lyrics (in American rap for example it is always the combination of much money they have, how much drugs they have taken and how much sex they have had with girls) Sounds good right! There have been some great rap artists (N.W.A., Public Enemy), Dance (The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Pete Tong) and so on... today it is rubbish noise most of it. Pop music is so generic as well it is not funny. Just so fucking tedious my ears bleed (well not really but you get the point!) There is hope, there are some good bands about from the Waterford scene (Kodakid, Solar Taxi, O Emperor) If you really want the good music form today it is there it is just harder to find not the generic crap they play on the radio.

Ranting is over for now Ill have my predictions for the new Premiership season up soon. So lots to talk about there so talk soon. Please agree or disagree to this and have some lively debates about it.

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